Minecraft Java Hosting with AMD

Minecraft Hosting

Our Minecraft java hosting has been designed from the ground up to provide consistent, leading-edge performance with our fully redundant NVMe cloud infrastructure. 

Minecraft Hosting Features

  • Unlimited Slots

  • Mod Support

  • Plugin Installer

  • Player Manager

  • NVMe Storage

  • Convenient Control Panel

  • All Versions

  • SFTP Supported

  • 2 Free MySQL Databases

  • DDoS Protection

  • Automatic Schedules

  • Located in Germany

    Customized Minecraft Hosting?

    Haven't found what you were looking for? Are you looking for a custom Minecraft hosting package? Please contact us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How much ram do I need?
    Determining a suitable Minecraft server depends on a large number of factors. Therefore we can only give a minimum estimate.

    1.17+ = Minimum of 4 GB of Ram
    1.13+ = Minimum of 3 GB of Ram
    1.8+ = Minimum of 1/2 GB of Ram

    This is the minimum required by a Minecraft Paper/Purpur server, which is calculated independently of the player count and/or the plugins/mods on your server.
    2What is your pricing based on?
    The biggest part is our high-speed servers. Our servers are equipped with extremely fast components. We use Samsung NVMe SSDs, AMD Ryzen 9 5950x as CPU and 128GB of DDR4 Ram in our servers.

    We also have a customized control panel with features like Player Management, a Plugin Installer, A free subdomain and much more.
    3What versions and/or mods can I run?
    Our Minecraft hosting supports all types of versions and mods. Please keep in mind that not every package is suitable for every version/mod because of the amount of resources.